Omid Hamoni, born in 1983 in Tehran. He is a graphic expert and a graduate of the Iran Calligraphers Association with a distinguished degree and a professional technical organization in the field of gold and jewelry. He started his career as a graphic designer and art director in 2002. In 2012, the beginning of designing and making jewelry was a new field for him to express and introduce his ideas and thoughts under the ZEEBEH brand. The concept of most of his works is inspired by studies in the fields of philosophy, poetry, mysticism, music, literature, culture and psychology, and minimal typography is a technique used in most of his works to express and convey concepts. Omid Hamouni has also authored two books specifically in the field of Persian letter design, namely "Analysis and Review of Persian Letters" published by Azad University and "Letter Design for Persian Font" published by Fatemi. Among his activities in the field of letter design, the referee of the letter design section of the 6th Silver Cedar Biennial, the Graphic Designers Association of Iran.

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