Hola brand has been operating in the field of accessories since 1998 and is the first specialized brand in the field of polymer accessories in Iran. Prasto Tabatabai and Priya Tabatabai are the designers and owners of the Hola brand idea. Hola means hello in Spanish and our motto is close your eyes and say HOLA to your dreams! Close your eyes and say hello to your dreams! Hola was a reason for us to say hello to our dreams and to continue and not to be disappointed and to be able to say hello to the arrival (emergence) of a new style and model of accessory in Iran at this time. Due to the fact that polymer accessories were unknown to the general public, the initial designs were more aimed at getting to know and familiar with this style of polymer accessories, and we are happy that Hola succeeded in introducing the polymer accessory style in Iran. The ideas of earrings come from our feelings, interests and personal memories in life, and for this reason, the design is the attractive part of hola. All the products are made by hand and every single work is made with love even for many times.

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