Parivash Ghasemi

Parivash Ghasemi, the amazing artist, dove into the world of art and creativity at the young age of 8. Starting with colorful oil paintings and crafting mixed-media sculptures, her journey showcased not just talent but also a genuine love for the art scene. Even though she pursued a degree in judicial law, her heart always belonged to art and creativity. Post-graduation, she decided to keep the artistic flame alive, delving into painting, sculpture, and even trying her hand at designing and making unique handmade jewelry. Her completely handmade and imaginative pieces managed to grab the attention and admiration of her audience. Parivash's passion for designing gold and jewelry gave birth to the brand "Gallery Vakil." This gallery, a delightful blend of visual art and legal symbols, introduced "Legal Jewelry exclusively for lawyers and legal professionals," earning its place in the legal community of Iran and beyond with its innovative ideas. In another creative venture, "Parivash Jewelry," she infuses historical symbols of Iran into culturally rich pieces, offering her unique perspective on the stories of Iran. Parivash Ghasemi continues to create conceptual sculptures, participating in various art exhibitions and sharing her works with fellow art enthusiasts. As a versatile artist, she has found her footing in the world of art and sustainable law, combining the realms of science and art with flair.

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