Niloufar Salimi

My name is Niloufer Salimi I studied at the University of Business Management After completing my studies in 2015, I became interested in making jewelry through my dear friend Alireza Sadeghi, and I learned the basic principles of making jewelry through an internship at Alireza's workshop. In 2017, by participating in the classes of Professor Nasser Gio, I tried to learn the design and manufacturing work in a more professional way, and at the same time I started working in a jewelry store. Working in a jewelry store will help me to become more familiar with the beautiful world of stones and learn how to use them to make my work more beautiful. After a few years, I started my own brand and continued my activity in a wider way… All of my works are handmade and mostly with silver , I try hard to create each piece be very unique with details.

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