I am Shahrzad, the creator of the Shahrzad handmade brand. Our handmade jewelry is inspired by Iran's rich heritage, if you want to discover a world of beauty, hand-made by Iranian artists' girls, and women, enter Shahrzad handmade to learn more about these small works of art that are enriched with the Iranian spirit. Shahrzad handmade with important goals such as supporting the art of needlework and needlework of girls and women who are heads of families in deprived areas of Iran (villages of Sistan, Baluchistan, and Kerman), entrepreneurship in these areas and introducing Iranian art and culture in a new and modern way to the whole world. It was established in 2019. All the artworks that you see in the needlework section, after choosing the design, are original designs of Balochi stitches and are inspired by nature, and Balochi culture, are created by the hands of artists of girls and women of Sistan and Balochistan, and then we help to immortalize these works of art with the designs that we consider for making them. Take a virtual trip to Iran with the handicrafts of Shahrzad handmade.

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