Athena Akhavan

Athena Akhavan was born in Tehran in 1984. She graduated from Tehran's Azad University in Industrial design. As a member of the Iranian Sculpture Association (ISA), she was the winner of the 4th Fajr Sculpture International Festival of Iran (2012). Over the past decade, she has participated in more than ten solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals, both locally and internationally, in the field of sculptures and wearable sculptures (jewelry design). She held her first solo jewellery exhibition at Samin Gallery in Tehran in 2007 using recycled paper and fabric, leather, and metal scraps. Under the guidance of Parviz Tanavoli, a mastermind in wearable sculpture, she has continued this art for the past decade. As a brand "AthenVan Design", we are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as bronze and recycled and upcycled paper and fabric. A complete hand-made and self-educated process is used throughout the entire process. Often, the works are designed and manufactured in limited quantities using natural materials. Their designs are influenced by traditional rituals, myths, and ornaments, along with multiple colors and patterns that have been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years.

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