Reihane Abedi

Reihane Abedi studied graphics at university, and now specializes in graphic designing and jewelry making. Working as a designer in a printing and packaging factory in the last few years, she has been witnessing a lot of paper waste after cutting paper sheets called paper straw, which can be reused. she got an idea of making handmade and nonmachine- made jewelry with a nostalgic but creative look using environmentally friendly materials. “When I make jewelry, there are always two things in my mind. First, making jewelry in line with preserving natural resources for future generations, and second, introducing Iranian culture and art through using the ancient elements of my country” she says. Most of her works are inspired by historical periods of Iran such as Safavid and Qajar, such as the tile work of the Abbasi Great Mosque in Naqsh-e Jahan Square or the tile work of Layla and Majnun in the Qajar period. She also uses some of her own illustrations and drawings, drawn in small sizes directly on paper straws, to make jewelry. Most of her works are made without paint and by preserving the original color of the pulp to have a more beautiful composition in combination with old images and to induce a sense of antiquity.

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