Jewelry Design By Alireza Sadeghi

Alireza Sadeghi, born in September 1987, about 20 years of his activity in the filed of ​​jewelry making and cutting precious stones, as well as sculpting, has all the professional technical qualifications of tapestry casting, modeling, gold making, jewelry making, enamel work, and has an art degree from the Ministry of Guidance about 14 years. A member of the cultural heritage organization and holding exhibitions in London and Poland, also about 10 years of teaching jewelry making at the university and studio with Alireza Sadeghi brand in the north and center of Tehran with more than 1000 students and as the best entrepreneur in 2014 . All his concern is to create jewelry that has a concept and a real story, and to be able to turn all the current events into jewelry that every person will use and feel the same way he did. In his opinion“The art of jewelry” is not just about making, there is a whole thought behind this flow that he give it soul with all his energy and with his hands, which itself is a carrier of energy for all people, every jewelry has a story behind that you can feel.

Jewlery design by Aylin Gerami

She didn't study art at all and had no background in art as well , and after studying engineering, due to her interest in gold and jewelry design ,she started working in a gold workshop as a art student and gradually she got experience .

It took about 7 years for her to learn and then she started her own business and got a degree in manufacturing and sales of jewlery.

All her designs are made with natural stones and silver and are derived from the original Iranian art and culture, which makes it stand up and unique.

Jewlery Design by Arghavan Rouzbeh

Arghavan Ruzbeh had already worked several years in the field of graphic design, considering her academic knowledge, she started her career in accessory production with a combination of traditional and modern elements. The designs include geometric and modern shapes that are combined with vintage and ancient pieces from Iran (such as old coins and glazed ceramics) and by combining these elements with bold colors, a distinctive combination is formed between modern and traditional Persian art. All Textured products have only one edition and they are one of a kind. The next product will be different, so each item will be different for each person and have the meanings behind them.

Jewllery design by Rozita Hassanpour Exclusively in Famluxy gallery

Jewellery design by Rozita Hassanpour

(Won third place in the Amateur jewellery Design category of the international Art & Design competition 2020.)

Exclusively in Famluxy gallery

Glory Days By Famluxy

Famluxy multicolour T-Shirt is totally a piece of artwork, designed by Typographic method and very high quality printing ( In USA) . This designed achieved by Crown in modern methods.(Referring to Glory Days)

On top of the back Gold Griffin printing make it very unique.

Machine Wash Cold with like colors, Hang Dry Only, Low Iron if needed.

Jewelry design by Nikoo Soleimani

Niko Soleimani, the owner of the Niko Jewelry brand, with the slogan from idea to reality, believes that every design we have in mind has the ability to become a reality in the majority of jewelry. Niko professionally started his work in the field of designing and making handmade silver jewelry in 2019 and he designs her works with inspiration from nature, especially the beauty of spring. Her designs are mostly bulky and use of colored stones and pearls is very noticeable in her works, which has made the people love the style of her jewelry’s design .